About Brooks Drift

Brooks Drift is a brand with Pennsylvania roots. Breweries can obtain a license to use the name and artwork to show they are a true Pennsylvania Brewery. Breweries must use Pennsylvania malted grains to brew this beer.  Contact us to discuss terms and promotional opportunities for your brewery. 

Brooks Drift also promotes Underground Miners,  a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to preserving Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal mining heritage. The Brooks Mine restoration in Scranton Pennsylvania’s Nay Aug Park is the most ambitious project undertaken.  The project will showcase anthracite mining to the community with a mine tour!

Brooks Drift Story 

During prohibition miners secretly brewed their own beer to relax with friends after a long shift underground. Brooks Drift is our take on a coal miner's beer from 1923. Made from locally grown barley and wheat with a touch of locally grown hops Brooks Drift is smooth and refreshing. 

Brooks Drift pairs perfectly with pizza, wing bites, deep fried perogies, texas wieners and texas cheeseburgers. Enjoy ice cold and with friends for the best result. 

Find out more and make a contribution to the group working on the Brooks Mine attraction click here  www.undergroundminers.com

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